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Providing safe and accessible in-person care is our top priority. As Regulated Health Professionals we are trained in infection control practices and are required to adhere to stringent standards to best protect the safety of our patients, our staff, and ourselves. 


  • Telerehab (video calling) is available as an alternative to in-person visits, or alternatively, in combination with in-clinic visits. 

  • Although masks are no longer mandatory, please continue to wear one if you feel more comfortable. If you would like your therapist to wear a mask, please let us know – we are happy to accommodate your request

  • All patients and staff must use hand sanitizer upon arrival along with regular hand washing by staff between patients and throughout the day.
    o    Patients are asked to arrive as close to the starting time of their appointment as possible and leave immediately following their appointments. 
    o    We have added more time between visits to decrease overlap of patients and ensure effective disinfection of rooms.
    o    Plexi-glass barriers have been installed on our reception counters.
    o    Universal physical distancing rules apply for all staff and patients (outside of the patient-therapist interaction).

  • We provide exclusively one-on-one care in private rooms:  Our clinic model is ideally suited to help us decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission by limiting your contact with other people. We provide one-on-one in private treatment rooms with doors. Treatment rooms are also dedicated to a single therapist for the duration of their shift.

  • Rooms are disinfected after each patient with COVID-19 appropriate cleaning agents.

  • We regularly disinfect common space surfaces with COVID-19 appropriate cleaning agents.

  • We follow closely the guideline set by the Ontario College of Physiotherapists, Public Health Ontario and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

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